We are open from the 1st of June to end of August.

Welcome to FURU Café

Travelers and locals alike meet at our restaurant to enjoy sustainable homemade goods – from a healthy breakfast and a hot coffee in the morning sun, to filling lunches and exciting dinners and a cold beer while watching the sun go down behind the sea.

It is the perfect place to hang out and play a round of cards, meet your new adventure buddy, relax with your book, or get some work done on your laptop.

It makes us super happy to welcome you to our little Café. When you get here, make yourself comfortable, relax and feel the vibes while slowing down. Stay as long as you want, we like having you around!

Our Story

We love food as much as we love knowing where our ingredients are coming from. We source our ingredients and produces as local as possible and never further away than the European borders. Whenever we choose a new item on our menu, we research first on how we can prepare the dish more locally and from where the ingredients would have to travel from.

We get delicious vegetables and cheeses from local farmers and the local fisherman sell us their catches of the day. We as well have our own Veggie and herb garden, including a little winter garden for the heat loving vegetables. There are as well many eatable flowers in our garden to spice up our dishes and make delicious tea and lemonade out of.

Homemade Food

At FURU Café, we serve seasonal, locally sourced vegetarian, pescatarian and meat dishes.

All the food we serve at the restaurant, is homemade with lots of love and done from scratch. We love to challenge ourselves on how we cook classic dishes and are excited for you try our colorful creations.

Our menu has many gluten free and as well vegan options.

Events at FURU Café

No matter what time of year, there’s always something interesting going on at FURU.

We host small events, highlighting local music, art and culture, quiz nights, movie screenings, workshops and more. We frequently post new events on our Facebook page to keep you all up to date on what is happening at our Café.

Groups and Private Events

We love when you want to celebrate your birthday at FURU or bring your colleagues for a lunch away from the office. Whatever occasion you may have, we can serve up to 15 people in one room or 30 people split into two rooms.

We also host workshops, Christmas dinners, weddings and confirmations and are happy to plan the day(s) exactly as you need it.

Need Accommodation?

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